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Formula 1 Hungary Grand Prix Information



The Hungaroring is the first circuit to have hosted a Formula 1 Grand Prix on the ‘other side of the Iron Curtain’. Indeed, in the early 80's, Bernie Ecclestone had tried to organise a Grand Prix in the USSR. After failing to do so, he settled for Hungary and the Hungaroring was built. The Hungarian Grand Prix has now been on the calendar since 1986, establishing itself as one of Formula 1's most famous venues.


Famous for its technically demanding layout, the Hungaroring is a tough and narrow circuit just outside the charming city of Budapest. Loved by drivers for the challenge it poses in the heat of summer, and also loved by fans for its delightful setting, old-school layout, and fantastic carnival atmosphere. You will enjoy many terrific vantage points while watching the races since the circuit is built in a natural valley.



Circuit Address: 

2146 Mogyorod Pf. 10
Hungaroring Sport Rt

Circuit Facts

Length: 4.381 km

Race distance: 306.63 km

Laps: 70


Available Ticket Categories:


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Grandstand tickets

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Hungary GP Map


Ticket Specifications


Child Tickets

Child tickets are available for children between 0 and 13 years old (included). 

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VIP and Hospitality

Get the most out of your Formula 1 trip with a spectacular VIP weekend that includes your hotel, your arrival and your experience at the race track. The Hungaroring is an excellent spot for which to enjoy the Formula 1 action from a prestigious suite such as the official Formula One Paddock Club: at our hospitality portal GPExperiences you can select between a wide range of F1 Hungary VIP and Hospitality tickets.


As much as the Hungaroring is famous for its excellent track and action, the city of Budapest is famous for its beauty. We can help you get a wonderful tailored experience with sightseeing, activities and accommodation. Browse through a selection of the finest luxury hotels in Budapest to get inspired!


GPExperiences is your place for exclusive offerings and the best of the best when it comes to Formula 1 hospitality. Explore the Hungary Grand Prix hospitality page for clear descriptions and inviting photo galleries that gives a true representation of what a VIP Experience in Budapest will be like. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for help with a tailored itinerary for an incredible Formula 1 weekend.

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Explore Budapest


The race is the perfect excuse to combine a visit to Budapest, one of the world's most delightful cities, full of old world charm and luxury amenities with the excitement of Formula 1. This beautiful place has plenty of history and visitors can enjoy a range of attractions and terrific sights to visit. We recommend the following:


- Visit a traditional thermal bath/Spa facility

- Book a walking tour around the historic Castle Hill

- Take a refreshing Danube river cruise

- Walk down the notorious Váci Street for shopping and cafés

- Explore the local cuisine, which includes the famous Goulash Soup



   Average Temperature July: 23°C / 74°F  

   Currency: HUR (Hungarian Forint)


   Closest Airport: Budapest Ferenc Liszt (BUD)


   Recommended city transport: Metro, bus




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